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Proudly Serving Bail Bonds in San Mateo County

When you need to post a bail bond, don’t hesitate to call us in San Mateo County. We are prepared to handle your case via phone, email and/or fax, so you don’t have to interrupt your workday or take time away from your family. Understanding the stress related to an arrest, we take pride in handling your case in a discreet manner.

At Premiere Bail Bonds, we accept all major credit cards, so call us for immediate assistance in San Mateo and surrounding counties at 1-800-662-0056.

Our bondsman are available in the other Northern California Counties listed below:

Contra Costa
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San Mateo
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Bail Bonds, Bail Agents in San Mateo County, California

Bail GavelIf this is the first time you’re posting bail for someone, you will find the following information useful. Typically, after a person is arrested, fingerprinted, photographed and booked, the court will set bail based on the type of offence and the full nature of the case. The amount of the bail is set at a level that is believed to ensure that the defendant will comply with the court and appear on the set date and time. Depending on the amount of the bail, you may be able to pay in cash, or for a more significant bail amount, you can offer title or property as surety. What this means is if the terms of the bail are not met, then the court forfeits the property or cash. Acting as the guarantor for someone arrested puts you in the position of being responsible for this person’s compliance with the terms of the bail, to be sure that they show up for court.

If you are not familiar with this system, then you’ve probably not worked with a bail bondsman before. A professional bail bondsman can post the bail bond for you to get the defendant released from custody, as quickly as possible. A Bail Agent should be licensed in the state where the bail bond is being posted.

At Premiere Bail Bonds, we work with a network of the best bail bond agents in the industry, who are fully-licensed in the State of California. We have a long history of more than 19 years of satisfied clients and attorneys, who have sent us referrals, which is where most of our business comes from. We provide a comprehensive service for any type of bail required, and offer a 24-hour service so you can talk with a qualified professional who can answer your questions any time, day or night.

San Mateo County Sheriff's Office (Website)
400 County Center
Redwood City, CA 94063
(650) 599-1664

To post a bail bond in San Mateo call toll free at 1-800-662-0056